Saturday, August 6, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 15

Day 15. Exciting day. We went to the cityarchive of Helsingborg (Stadsarkivet Helsingborg). Ive been there a few times, mainly when they have some interesting seminar or open house, never been there doing any research.

So. We want to find out everything about our house. Its build sometime between 1896 and 1898, we dont have the exactly date. We also want to find out about everyone that has lived in the house. Not to long ago I found out that Christians grandmonthers aunt lived in the house. She died in 1919 from TBC.

Anyhow, we asked for all docoments / files that would have anything to do with our house. Nothing. (Which is strange, there s h o u l d be drawings). They said they had some stuff about another house so we wanted to look into that instead. But when they went to fetch it there was nothing. We found a binder containing an inventory of documents about where we live. Some things looked interesting so we asked for it. And again they came back, just telling it wasnt there. It should be but it wasnt. Finally they came with a box with letters and protocols which was about what they had. It was a bit exciting reading though those documents(from late 1940s and early 1950s). One person asking for permission to arrange a party at midsummer. And a list of everyone paying dogtax. In 1951 there were 189 dogs that were payed tax for. Name of owner, kind and colour of the dog was listed.

Isnt it strange that so many papers just has disappeard? The answer at the archive was that "that happens".

Our house, sometime 1910 - 1920
Day 15 completed:
*An afternoon at the archives

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