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Sibling Saturday - The siblings of Jens Nelson aka Jöns Nilsson

Jöns Nilsson was the husband of my great grand aunt Anna Nilsdotter Rickard. In US they are known as Jens Nelson and Anna Richardson.

Jens was the fifth and last child of Nils Persson and Sissa Jönsdotter. He was born at Nr. 10 Vanneberga, Skåne in Sweden on September 14 in 1859. The sponsors at his christening were Hanna Jönsdotter, sister of Sissa, Ingar Persdotter at Vanneberga nr 4, Anders Jönsson (married to Hanna, sister of Sissa) and Per Mattisson. In 1887 he left Sweden and went to America. The year after he was followed by his wife Anna Nilsdotter Rickard and thier two sons, Nils Henrik and Carl Emil Jönsson.

Birth of Jöns

Jens had two older brothers that he never met, they died before he was born. The oldest one was Nils who also was the first child of Nils and Sissa. He was born on October 5 in 1849 and died only two days old on October 7, the same day his was christened. The sponsors at the christening were Hanna Jönsdotter , sister of Sissa, in Vanneberga, the midwife Pernilla and Christian Persson, brother to Nils.  The cause of death was noted as fever.

Birth of Nils
In October, the 19th in 1857 Jöns was born, He died on January 13 in 1858, not even three months old. Fever was noted as cause of death here as well. The sponsors at the christening were Bengta Pålsdotter in Lommarp, Pernilla Olsdotter in Kialt, Anders Mattsson in Lommarp and Christian Persson, Vanneberga the brother of Nils.

Birth of Jöns
Jens older sister Elna was born February 5 in 1851. The sponsors at the christening were Karna Jeppsdotter and Per Mattisson at Vanneberga 4, Elna Perdotter in Röe and Anders Vanberg (husband of Hanna Jönsdotter, sister of Sissa) at Vanneberga.

Birth of Elna
At the age on 31, in 1882, she went to America. In 1891, about a year after the father Nils Persson died, she returned to Sweden. She bought a house in Vinslöv, and her mother and her niece Anna moved in with her. Elna died on March 31 in 1922. She never got married and didn't have any children. In her will, written in 1907 it says that her house and all of her belongings will be inherited by her sister and niece without interference from her other relatives living in America.

The house Elna bought after she came back to Sweden from America

The other sister Hanna was born on April 8 in 1853. The sponsors at the christening were Andreas Dahl and his wife Elna at Vanneberga nr 9., Pehr Sonasson at Vanneberga nr 13 and Hanna Jönsdotter (sister of Sissa Jönsdotter). She never got married. She had a daughter out of wedlock, Anna, born in 1876. Hanna spent a lot of time in Denmark. Her mother Anna stayed with grandmother Sissa. When Elna died Hanna inherited her house. Hanna died in 1928.

Birth of Hanna
The daughter of Hanna, Anna, born September 1 in 1876. Sponsors at her christening were Elna Nilsdotter, Håkan Nilsson at Vanneberga 13 and Jöns Nilsson, probably as in Hannas brother Jens Nelson.

Birth of Anna
ArkivDigital: Vinslöv CI:10 (1874-1894) page 26

Sponsors at christening of Anna
ArkivDigital: Vinslöv CI:10 (1874-1894) page 26
Just like her mother, Anna spends a lot of time in Denmark. Later she moved to Denmark and Copenhagen and got married to Jens Peter Petersen.

Marriage Jens Peter Petersen and Anna Nilsson, August 13 in 1908.

They live at different addresses in Copenhagen. They have two children. The son Oscar Christian Petersen born on November 5 in 1911. He was christened on February 4 in 1912 in the Nazaret church in Copenhagen

Birth of Oskar Christian Petersen

The daugher Agnete Elisabeth Petersen born on February 10 in 1913.  She was christened on June 10 same year in the Nazaret church in Copenhagen as well.

Birth of Agnete Elisaberh Petersen

I am able to follow them until the Danish Census of 1921, by then they live at Ryesgade 116b and has been living there for quite some time. In the following census they are not at that address anymore.

Google Maps/Street View: Ryesgade in Copenhagen, number 116 and the Nazaret Church

When Annas mother Hanna dies in 1928, Anna is present at the estate inventory but after that I have not been able to find them.

Folketaelling 1921 (Danish Census 1921). The family of Jens Peter Petersen, Anna, Oskar Christian and Agnete
Elisabeth lives on Ryesgade 116 B in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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