Tuesday, September 13, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - summary

I did it. 31 days of genealogy in a row during my days off from work with doing at least one different thing everyday. The one thing I didn't manage was to update the blog everyday. Anyway, it was great fun and instead of hanging on ancestry.com, genline.se and arkivdigital.se looking into records everyday I made myself think of different things to do but still get that daily dose of genealogy / family history.

So, a short summary of a few things I did:

* I visited a newly found second cousin of my mom that we never met before. Had a really great time comparing photos and talking about the family.

* I added a couple of cemeteries at billiongraves.com

* I went to the city archives and looked at records about our little village.

* Went to Copenhagen and visited one archive looking for some Danish relatives. Turned out I needed to go to another archive which was closed. Visited the wonderful exhibition about Titanic which contained a lot of interesting information and touching familystories. A video describing the exhibition is found here on youtube.

* Scanned and organized documents and photos.

* Went to visit a genealogy society and found some obituaries in their archive.

* Listend to podcasts, Genealogy Gems, Genealogy Gems Premium and Family Tree podcast.

* Listend to a Swedish radioshow, Släktband about genealogy.

* Watched the US episodes of Who Do You Think You Are as they were airing on Swedish television during the summer.

* And ofcourse I did spend time hanging at ancestry, genuine and arkivdigital as well.

So, with that, my challenge is over and I had a great time!

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