Sunday, October 30, 2011

The House - Part 1 - an introduction

I am sitting in the kitchen this foggy fall morning, watching yellow, orange and
brown leafs almost covering my car.

We bought this house in June last year (2010). We know litte about it
and we keep revieling things about it, sometimes so amazing you wouldnt
even believe it.

We know the house was build sometimes between 1896 - 1898. We have been
looking at the cityarchives for drawings of the house that really should
be there but they dont have it (and doesnt seem to have any drawings of
our neighbours houses either, at least not the older houses. According to
the inventory they should be there but somehow they are missing)

The House in the beginning of 1900
The House today, October 30 2011

The church is from around 1200.

Kropps Kyrka

As someone doing genealogy and family history it is great living next
door to a cementary. Eventough I dont have any connections backwards
to this specific area it really got me interested about this little
place on earth and Im trying to find out as much as possible. So, as
the first advice we always give to someone asking about how to start
with researching thier familily history, start with yourself, Im starting
with my house. And then I will move on and tell you more about the church,
the little shop, the dairy and the house where the priests used to live
and all other things I will find out about.

According the the prievious owners the house was built by a man
called Anders Nilsson. He didnt own the land, it belonged to the
big estate Rosendahl. More information about this man will follow
in a future post.

Anders Nilsson Familygrave

Anyhow, one of the things that really cought my eye when visiting
the house the very first time was a stonemarker in the garden. To
me it looked exactly like a little gravestone. Looking at it closer
it is not a gravestone but a propertymarker common in older days.


It says N = 9 H-HÖG 1/24 E N. So, what is this marker doing in our
garden and who was E N?

Marker close-up. Not a good idea taking this
picture when its been raining.

I will look into the people that lived in this house. This is where
we made one outoftheordinary discovery. More about that in a future

I am also going to do an inventory at the cemetary, trying to find out
more about the people that are resting there (and uploding pictures to, the graveinventory of Släktforskarförbundet and
a graveinventory group at Facebook). When we bought the house,
I (guess that comes from being inte genealogy) started looking through
the death-and buirial book. Here we found a couple of tragical stories
which we could follow up in the newspapers back then. More about that
later on.

So, with this, I guess I better get my nose into the books and records.

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