Monday, December 26, 2011

My top five of 2011 and a happy new year to you!

2011 has been a really nice genealogy year for me. I've made a favorite top five list as a small summary.

* Allt för Sverige (Everything for Sweden). The Swedish TV show with ten Americans with Swedish roots coming to Sweden competing about a family reunion. I heard some critical voices on message forums coming from people into genealogy, even before the first episode was even aired. To me it sounded like a great idea and it seems like the Americans coming here had a blast. I guess people who are not that much into genealogy really liked the show (and whats wrong with getting new people a little interested in a non-traditional genealogy way?). I had eight great Sundays and I miss them all already (happy they can be found on Facebook)

* My 31-day genealogy challenge, doing one different genealogy related thing every day for 31 days during summer. I made it, the thing I didnt succed with was to write a blogpost every day, on the other hand, that was never intended to be included in the challenge.

* Finding and visiting my mothers' (to us) unknown second cousin. And with that getting a lot of photos identified, it was so nice!

* Love it! They wrote an article about it in the newspaper (after I told them about the app). And the day before Christmas I was going to fetch the snailmail and the postman said "It's you, the headstone researcher, I read about you in the paper". Heh, for a second I was afraid I had orderd one too
many record ;).

* Me starting this blog. Woo-hoo. I've had several other genealogy blogs but I think I've found my genealogybloghome for a while now.

I have some great plans for 2012 but I will save that for a later post.

Right now I just want to wish you all a happy new year!

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