Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wendesday - Birthday and tradtional cake

This is an unidentified woman at an unidentified place. Guessing it would be her birthday party I think everyone would agree to. Also that the place is somewhere in Sweden, since it seems to be  Swedish flags in the decoration hanging in the ceiling. I also think it is in the south of Sweden (Skåne).

The special cake on the table is a typical cake from the Skåne-area called spettekaka. You make it from egg, sugar and potato flour. And then icing. It has quite special taste, it is sweet and it melts in your mouth just like meringue. Traditionally you make it on a stick that rotates and then you pour the cake batter on the stick. You often see that cake on birthdays and weddings and I love it!

Spettekaka or spiddekaga in Skåneaccent

This Youtubeclip shows how its done.

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