Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wendesday - Handsome young man

The handsome young man in this photo taken at Stoner Studio, 222 Court Street, Brooklyn have some connection to Sweden. He might be born in Sweden or perhaps his parents are.


  1. Hi there, I found your post when searching for information on this photography studio. I have a photo circa late 1890's-early 1900's from the Horner Studio at 222 Court Street, Brooklyn. It was found yesterday in my Swedish great grandmother's photo album.

    1. I have some of Axel Horner's photos too. I couldn't find much on the studio itself and his personal info didn't help with the time-frame as much as I'd hoped, but I still found it interesting.


      Axel Horner arrived in Boston in 1888 from Sweden with Carl J Horner (Carl being just a couple years younger than Axel.) Axel and Carl, both photographers, are listed as working and living together in directories through 1894. Axel is naturalized in Boston in 1896. Carl appears to be working solo by the 1899 directory and Axel shows up in Brooklyn in the 1900 census. Carl remained in Boston and became a much more well known photographer because of his sports photography.

      * 1900 Census, in Brooklyn, photographer
      * 1902-1907 directories, photographer at 222 Court St in Brooklyn, resides at different addresses
      * 1910 & 1920 Census: Brooklyn, Photographer
      * 1930 Census: Brooklyn, Insurance Agent
      * 1940 Census: Brooklyn, age 83, widowed & not working