Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Talented Tuesday - actor Leo Oeberg

I don't know much about this man, Leo Alexander Oeberg. He was born in Russia, June 29 1891,  to Alexander Oeberg and Paula Ludagovsky. May 1, 1921, he married my great grand aunt in Tallinn, Estonia,  Sonja Verno.

In 1950, Leo and Sonja emigrated to the US. In USA Sonja was known as Sofie.

March 16, 1955 Leo dies in San Francisco. In the funeral record I found at Ancestry.com, it says his occupation was actor (stage).

Leo Oeberg funeral record
So, thats all I know. I would love to find a picture or any information on where he might have been an actor, any play he might have been in, anything.

Leo and Sofie (she died in 1961) are buried at Serbian Cemetery (Colma, San Mateo).


  1. Hmm...that is intriguing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to find one of his publicity photos?