Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Johanna Ahlström

I was looking for a particular Johanna when I found this girl. Her name is Johanna Ahlström and was born May 1 1844 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Her father, Petter Ahlström, was born 1799 in Helsingör, Denmark and her mother, Boel Persdotter was born October 14 in Frillestad, Sweden.

Johanna Ahlström birth May 1 1844
(Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) CI:7 (1826-1846) page 649

Johanna and her parents and three brothers Nils (b 1842), Johannes (b 1847) and Carl (b 1849) lives in Helsingborg Nr 294. Sometime between 1847 and 1852 the priest write crippled next to Petters name. January 8 in 1853 he dies from typhus, 53 years old. Later that year, September 23, Johannas brother Nils dies, eleven years old from tuberculosis. In 1855, Carl dies, five years old. Cause of death: measles.

Ahlström family: Three deaths between 1853 - 1855
Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) AI:42 (1852-1855) page 794

The family is now Boel and her two children Johanna and Johannes. In 1858, fourteen years old, Johanna is sentenced to physical punishment to be executed by her mother. Reason: theft.

Note about theft.
Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) AI:43 (1855-1858) page 89

When Johanna is 20, she gives birth to a daughter, Ida Mathilda, born 1864 out of wedlock. On the row of Johanna the priest now has written "ignorant".

Johanna gives birth to Johan (out of wedlock as well) in November 1866. Johan dies a month later, December 1866 from syphilis.

A year later, November 1867, Johanna is betrothed to Magnus Nilsson Walt and they have a son, Johan Albert. Johan Albert dies only a couple of weeks old.

Johanna and Magnus get married on December 30, 1867.

Johanna and with three of her children, where two of them dies as infants.
Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) AI:52 (1866-1869) Bild 288 / sid 477

In 1871 they have thier daughter Selma Augusta and in 1872 another daughter, Anna Christina. Anna dies from scarlet fever only a couple of weeks before her fifth birthday.

Johanna dies February 2, 1922 in Helsingborg (Maria) from pneumonia. Magnus dies on December 30, 1923, thier 56th wedding anniversary.

Johanna Ahlström wasn't the Johanna I was looking for. Still, to be sure I had to follow her from her birth and until 1870s and reading the notes about her and her father and how she lost siblings and children I just wanted to share a tiny piece of her life.

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