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Maritime Monday - Grandfather Erik Kvist part 1

My grandfather Erik Kvist was the oldest from eight siblings. He was born April 15 1900 in Bjuv. When he was 15 he became a ship's boy in Karlskrona. It was a tough time. The older boys were mean to the younger ones.

I have found an old article from 1889 where a boy sent a letter to the Swedish Crownprince at the time, Oscar Bermadotte,  describing how bad the younger boys were treated. One day the prince shows up at the ship and maybe it got better for a while.

Postcard of Jarramas

My grandfather was at the ship Jarramas. There is a story about how my greatgrandmother Maria made a little secret pocket in my grandfathers jacket where he could hide his money (the older boys stole the money from the younger ones). So, when they couldnt find any money on him they held him upsidedown and the coins fell out and he got beaten up for hidning his money.

My grandfather Erik Kvist as a shipboy  on Jarramas

From Jarramas 1919 - SVT (no sound)

In 1919 my grandfather was at the armourship called Dristigheten. On February 15, 1919 he ran away and stayed with his uncle August Liljedahl in Denmark. There was a small notice sent out on March 4 1919 to all police stations in Sweden. It has a description of how he looked like: Dark hair, greygreen eyes, pale skin and a big nose. On his right arm he had a rose tattoo and on his left arm he had his name. He also had a scar on one of his fingers.

While he was there his aunt and uncle had a child and my grandfather is listed as one of the sponsors and the child was named Karl Erik Martin Liljedahl.

Eventually Erik was found (or if he did return by himself, I dont know) on February 14 1920. This notice is also sent out to all police stations, that he has returned. The penalty was two more years and an extra year for the year he had been gone.

In 1924 he graduated as a mechanical engineer. There were good opportunites for a military career but my grandfather choosed to work on cargo vessels.          

In 1930 he started to work at the shipping company Transmarin. By that time he had met my grandmother Lilly, they were married, lived in Helsingborg and had three children.

Erik Martinus Kvist with siblings, parents and grandparents

To be continued..

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