Friday, August 23, 2013

Follow Friday - Arkiv Digital - free this weekend

This weekend is a big weekend for genealogy in Sweden. It is time for the genealogy event of the year. This year it is held in Köping. Everyone will be there. Well, I am not going this year but I am sure it will be a great time.

So, if you are not going, you could try out Arkiv Digital that will be free of charge this weekend (August 24-25).  If you have Swedish ancestors and you know where they lived you could try and see if you can find them in perhaps a brithbook or a deathbook. I am a subscriber to Arkiv Digital, but I also uses the Swedish National Archives site (Svar) and at times I use Genline (records also available on as well. The nice thing with Arkiv Digital is that the pictures of the book/records are in color.

They also have an iPad app which I wrote about in an other post).

So, have a look at this weekend. You would need to register and then you will have to download the software (available for Windows, Mac and Linux).

This is a screen dump from birthbook of Nättraby, Blekinge. Henrik was married to my
great grandaunt Hilma Charlotta Hansdotter. They were both deaf.

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