Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Two blind siblings

Last weekend I was at a two day long familyreunion in Tving in Blekinge. Day two we all went to the cemetery in Tving to look at some tombstones related to the family. We went there a bit early so I had time to add the cemetery to Billiongraves.com and upload a couple of photos. It was a very sunny day, not suitable for tombstone photography.

Anyway, I found a really special tombstone, it says: Two blind siblings, Allgot 11 year, Matilda 20 year, 1899.

2 blind siblings, Allgot 11 year, Matilda 20 years, 1899.
I decided to try to see what I could find out. Allgot or Olof Allgot that was his full name was born September 25 1887, in Tving. He died January 26 in 1899. Matilda was born February 24, 1879, in Tving. She died June 17 in 1899. They were both noted as blind in the churchbooks.

Allgot and Matilda with thier parents and siblings.
Tving  (1895-1911) page 358 

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