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Fearless Females - Anna Olsdotter - my third great grandmother

I am joining in on the Fearless Females blogging prompts started by Lisa Alzo starting to day, March 1. Todays prompt  "Do you have a favorite female ancestor? One you are drawn to or want to learn more about? Write down some key facts you have already learned or what you would like to learn and outline your goals and potential sources you plan to check." 

One of my female ancestors that I would like to know more about is my third great grandmother Anna Olsdotter. She was born in Fjälkestad, Sweden in 1830.

When Anna was 25 she had her daughter Margareta (my second great grandmother). Margareta was born out of wedlock and the father was not listed. A couple of months before the birth of Margareta Anna moved from the farm she was working as a maid to another parish, Annerstad. Margareta was born on August 7 in 1855.

From the birth book - birth of Margareta
ArkivDigital: Annerstad CI:3 (1815-1860) page 113 

When Margareta was about four years old she came to a couple, Anders Persson and Karna Ek, as a foster child and that is where she grew up. Anders and Karna didn't have any other children.

Who was the father of Margareta, why did Anna leave her with Anders and Karna and what happened with Anna?

Well, I guess I might never know who the father of Margareta was, but I have a suspect. The husband at the farm where Anna was working as a maid about the time when she got pregnant. Why do I think he might be the one?

When Anna and Margareta moves away from Annerstad, Margareta is listed with the surname Vollmarsdotter. The name of the man at the farm was Vollemar and that is not a very common name, not like Nils or Anders. Second: Margareta ended up living with Anders and Karna, guess what, Anders was the brother of Vollemar. Vollemar and his family later emigrated to the US in 1867.

What happened to Anna after she left Margareta with Anders and Karna? I am not sure, I have been trying to follow her to see if she had any more children or if she got married, but no luck yet. I don't know much about Anna but it can't have been easy for her having Margareta out of wedlock and then leave her with Anders and Karna.

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