Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fearless females - Else, born, married, dead and buried in the month of March

Today, 128 years ago it was the day before my second great grandmother Elses' wedding day. She got married on March 5 with my second great grandfather Jöns Torkelsson Berlin.

Jöns Berlin and Else Månsdotter got married on March 5 in 1886
ArkivDigital: Vinslöv EI:4  page 20 

The month of March contains the birthday of Else. She was born March 25, 1866, in Vinslöv, Sweden. As written above, she got married on March 5 in 1886. In the month of March she died on the 16th in 1893. Finally, on what that would have been her 32nd birthday, she was buried, March 25 in 1893.

Else is one of my favorite ancestors. I don't know much about her, but she and her husband Jöns were two of the first ancestors I had to do research to find. Before I started doing genealogy even their names were unknown to me. Also, seeing Else die so young, sixteen days after giving birth to her forth child made me a bit sad at the time I found out.

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