Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Funny - Swedish Midsummer

Today is Midsummer Eve, one of the most celebrated days in Sweden. This is the day when we rise a pole, decorated with flowers and then we dance around it. We eat herring, potatoes, sour cream and chives. For desert, strawberries. We drink beer and lots of snaps. We sing a song before every snaps... lots of singing. If you go to a place where there is an traditional celebration you will see people dressed up in folkcostumes. You will hear typical Swedish music and see people dance folkdance. What will you do for midsummer or how was your midsummer will be a good talking topic upcoming weeks.

You will see girls of all ages having a garland made of flowers on thier head. Late at night you will see girls picking seven different flowers in silence to put under thier pillow. In thier dreams they will see their  furture husband.

This photo is from 1909. I dont know who are in the picture but probably some relatives.

Today, in Sweden it is truly a funny Friday. I found a video at youtube, Swedish Midsummer for Dummies that explains a lot as well. There are lots more Swedish midsummer-movies to be found on youtube.

Happy Midsummer or as we would say in Sweden: Glad Midsommar!!!

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