Saturday, June 22, 2013

Surname Saturday - Tedder

Marie Tedder was my second great grandmother. I have mentioned her when writing about my second great grandfather Nikolai Seck.

Marie or Marri was born September 4 in 1840. In her birth record I am able to read that her fathers name is Jürri Tedder. It says she is born in Woroküll which is the German name for Vooru in Estonia.

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I am not able to read the name of the mother, I think it looks like Kert? And then it looks like Jaan Tedder, ? Arraz and Lüs Tedder who I guess are the sponsors at her christening.

At the age of 22, February 23 1869, she married my second great grandfather Nikolai Seck. In the marriage record that is written in Russian she is called Mari Yurieva Tedder.

I got help with the translation since I don't know Russian ( thanks! :) ) . Well, I did take ten classes a couple of years ago so I am a bit familiar with printed letters. Now I am working on the handwriting. If it is a beautiful handwriting as the marriage record above I can understand a couple of letters here and there but that is about it.

Nikolai and Marie had seven children:

August Seck 1869 - 1872
Therese Emile Marie Seck  1872 - 1868
Ida Seck 1874 - 1946
August Ludwig Seck 1877 - 1925
Johann Karl Edmund Seck 1879 - 1923
Alice Charlotte Seck 1883 - 1922
Nikokai Edvard Seck 1885 - 1948

So, I am working on and looking for information on the parents of Marie, Jürri / Yuri Tedder and Kert?, if she had any siblings and other relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles and so on. My guess is that Jaan Tedder and Lüs Tedder are related in someway. According to information I got from other relatives, Marie died 1912 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Finally, a picture of my second great grandmother:

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