Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Part 4 Pavel Verno

The Verno siblings are my great-grandaunts (Helena, Valentina, Maria), uncles (Voldomar, Pavel) and my great-grandmother Julia. Thier parents were August Verno and Anna Lindeberg (spelling?) My grandmother was born in Estonia but the generation before her seems to come from a part that today belongs to Russia. I don't know very much about that part of the family and that makes it so much more interesting. Also, mainly all information is in Estonian and Russian, two languages I don't know and that ofcourse makes it a little (well, much to be honest) harder to find information and takes a lot more time. On the other hand, great pleasure everytime a tiny bit in the puzzle is solved.

The sibling I know the least about is Pavel Verno. I don't know when he was born, if he was married or when he died. He is a white spot on my Vernomap. He might have been born i Pskov / Pihkva /Pleskau / Pleskava / Psków (same place many names in different languages)

Pavel Verno

Verno Siblings

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