Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - Old photo album

I love old photos and every now and then I buy photos or albums when the show up in my way. My ambition is always to scan them and upload them to photo databases like Porträttfynd and such, hoping someone will know who it is on the picture. Anyhow, there isn't always enough time so meanwhile I publish some of them on my blog.

This is an album I bought a couple of years ago. Most of the photos are from the north-west area of Skåne, like Helsingborg, Råå, Åstorp and Landskrona and a couple of them are from the US (Chicago and Massachusetts).

Unknown couple - Photographer J H Hagman Helsingborg / Cimbrishamn (Simrishamn)

The album

The photo below is one of the few hints to who the owner of this album was. The man in the picture is cousin Olson and it is from Chicago.

One of the photos are from Chicago and it is one of the few that has a name on
the back: cousin Olson

Nilson - Memory from Olson

I just love this photo, that could have been on any Facebookstatus and it has been published before on this blog (

Photo by H P Hafström - Skromberga


  1. What a wonderful idea, posting these orphaned photos on your blog. I too buy orphaned photos in hopes of reuniting them with family. I've posted them on Dead Fred, but never on my own blog. Thanks for the idea.
    Diane aka Michigan Girl