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P N Ramberg and Ingar Ramberg, buried at Kropp cemetery

My walk around the gravestones at Kropp cemetery continues. I get a little curious when the full name isn't printed out on the gravestone so today I picked a stone like that and with only years without dates: P N Ramberg (1835-1901) and Ingar Ramberg (1827-1907).

According to the stone, P N Ramberg was a farmer, living in Hjortshög and Ingar was his wife.

Paul Nicolaus Ramberg and his
wife Ingar Ramberg (b Persdotter)

P N, which stands for Paul (or Pål) Nicolaus, was born in Kropp at a place called Gravarehuset, on April 19 in 1835. His father was Lars Ramberg, a shoemaker, and his mother was Bengta Wittgren. Paul grew up at Grvarehuset and in 1851 he moved to Björka to work as a farmhand. In 1853 he came back to Gravarehuset then moved on to Hyllstorp 2.

Pål Nicolaus in Kropp CI:3 (1831-1860) page 35 

Ingar Persdotter was born on December 30 1827. Father Per Nilsson and mother Karna Jönsdotter. They lived at Västraby 4. In 1850 Ingar moved and worked at Kropp 2. In 1852 Ingar moved back to Västraby 4 where her mother Karna died in 1856 and her father Per in 1857. 1857 Ingar moves to work at Hyllstorp 2, the same place where Paul lives and works. If they didn't know each other before this point this must be where they met.

Ingar Persdotter in Kropp CI:2 (1758-1830) page 347

On October 28 1865 Paul and Ingar gets married. The move back to the house where Paul grew up, Gravarehuset.  

Gravarehus in Kropp, where Paul was born and where
he and his wife Ingar lived between 1865 to 1868.

In February 1868 Pauls mother Bengta dies and on June 28 in 1868, Ingar give birth  to a girl who is stillborn. The girl is buried on July 2. In November the same year Paul and Ingar moves to Helsingborg. They live in a area called Närlunda. They stay in Helsingborg for two years. In 1870 they move to Hjorthög 3 in Mörarp. On May 2 in 1870 thier daugther Lovisa is born. In 1872, March 22, they have a son, Peter.

Hjortshög 3 where Paul and Ingar lives until they die and
where thier son Peter lives with his wife Anna Kristina.

Paul and Ingar stays on Hjortshög 3 until they die. Paul dies on February 6 in 1901 and Ingar on  March 2 in 1907. They are buried at the cementary in Kropp.

Thier two children, Peter and Lovisa are buired at the same cemetary.

Lovisa get married on December 29 in 1900 (just about a little more a month before her father Paul dies) to August Strandqvist born September 7, 1864 in Raus. He is a butcher. August bought a piece of land in 1900 from a man called Nils Knutsson and they build a house (Hjortshög 8). August dies on January 5 in 1916 at the hospital in Helsingborg from appendictis. Lovisa takes over the house and in 1921 she lease it to her son-in-law, Erik Andersson. Lovisa dies January 11 in 1954.

Hjortshög 8. The house August Strandqvist builds and
where he lives with his wife Lovisa Ramberg and she
later leases to her son-in-law Erik Andersson.

Peter marries Anna Kristina Andersson (born June 26, 1870 in Kropp) on May 2 in 1903. At some point  they move to Hjortshög 3 (Paul and Ingars house) where they live thier whole life. Peter died on March 27 in 1921 and  Anna in 1940 on October 23. Thier daughter, Elsa Linnea (September 5 1905 - June 1 1925) is also buried in this familygrave. She died from tuberculosis, 19 years old.

Familygrave of Peter Ramberg. Peter
 and his wife Anna Kristina and their
daughter Elsa Linnea is buried here.

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Paul Nikolaus:
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  1. Hej!
    Ser att detta är ett ganska gammalt inlägg, men jag kom över det när jag googlade "Gravarehuset" i samband med lite efterforskning om min släkt. Lovisa och August Strandqvist var min farfars mormor och morfar. Hoppas det är okej med dig att jag för egen del antecknar de intressanta saker du fått reda på om Lovisa och August och Paul och Ingar. Vänliga hälsningar, Ellinor

    1. Hejsan! Vad kul att du hittade inlägget. Du får gärna använda informationen. Ha det fint & trevlig helg! /Linda

  2. Tack så jättemycket! Trevlig helg:)

  3. So.. I'm dead.. and I'm a woman..? Nahh.
    - Ingar Ramsberg, 40, alive and kicking in Norway (just killing time googling himself)