Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ruby Sena Nilson and Samuel Peter Nilson, Smithfield, Utah

In the same photo album where I found the picture of Perry Olson in my last post there are two other identified pictures.

It is Ruby Sena Nilson (May 20 1894 - January 3 1995, yes almost 101 years old). She married William Hazen Hillyard.

I also have a picture of her father, Samuel Peter Nilson (July 13 1863 - October 5 1945). It is the same picture he uses on his passport application issued April 13 in 1920 (can be found at ancestry.com). The picture is taken in Malmö, Sweden.  He went to Sweden a couple of times doing missionary work.

Pictures of their headstones (and the other members of the family) can be found at Find a grave.

I am still trying to find how they are linked to me, related or friends of the family.

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