Monday, February 13, 2012

P Olson - Wausa, Nebraska

In one photo album among unidentified pictures from the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900 that belonged to relatives of mine there are a couple that has names written on it.

One of them is this photo:

Perry Olson, Wausa, Nebraska, USA

I can't read the the first name, my guess it thats its is Perry. So, this man is Perry Olson, picture is taken in Wausa, Nebraska in the US.

What is a picture of him doing in this photo album? Distant relative or friend of the family?


  1. Hi Cousin,
    Maybe you could steer me in the right direction in finding my grand-mother's relatives in Nebraska. My basis of information is her steamship log, which has her landing in New York on May 22, 1903 and heading to her brother in Wausa, Nebraska. Her name was Ann Erika Octavia Johanson and his was O.F. Johanson, box 336, Wausa.
    She ended up in NYC, married an Irishman named Eddie Fitzgerald and had on child, Josephine Fitzgerald, my mother.
    Ed Burns,

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