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Sibling Saturday - Alice Charlotte Seck

Alice Charlotte Seck was my great grand aunt. She was the sixth child of Nikolai Seck and Marie Tedder. She was born December 28, 1883 in Rouge, Estonia. Birth record in the birth book below is in German.

Birth Alice Charlotte Seck
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I have a picture of Alice Charlotte when she was young. I think she looks beautiful.

My great grand aunt - Alice Charlotte Seck

Out of the three sisters Seck (Alice, Ida and Therese), Alice was the only one who got married. She married Rudolf Kampus. Rudolf or Rudi as it says in his birth record was born Mars 20, 1882 in Voru, Estonia. His parents was Adam and Marie (Luus) Kampus.

Alice and Rudolf got married in 1906. Their record in the marriage book is in Russian. I like how they have crossed out the preprinted 189 in the headline and replaced it with 1900. Often they did write the names in latin fonts was well, but not always. So this is an example of the Seek variation spelling of Seck.

Marriage 1906, Rudolph Kampus and Alice Charlotte Seck
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As far as I know, Alice and Rudolf had five children, Hilda Ellinor (1883-1979), Erika Erna (1908-1908), Robert (1909-1930), Karl Eugen (1914-?), Adolf (1918-1920).

Alice died in Tallinn in 1922, according to information I have got from my relatives. I think Rudolf died in 1926 and I think he is buried at Siselinna cemetery in Tallinn, Estonia.

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