Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Anna Nelson in Minnesota

For a long time I tried to trace my greatgrandmothers siblings Anna, Elna, Andrew and Nels who emigrated to the US. After many, many hours of searching I found them in Minnesota. This was also the time I first came in contact with Minnesota Historical Society. I was in for a surprise when I got the death certificate of Anna in the mail.  It said she died from fracture ribs, perforation lungs and chock.

Anna Nelson Death Certificate

Later when I got intouch with decentants of Anna I found out she had been kicked by a horse.

During the whole time I had been trying to search online newspapers to find information about what had happend to Anna. She was married to Jens Nelson. No matter how I tried I could not find anything.

Well, eventually I did find a small notice about Anna. The reason it took so long for me to find it was that I didn't consider the possibility for the newspaper to mix up her name. So, instead of Mrs. Jens Nelson they printed Mrs. Nels Jenson.

The Princeton Union September 28 1905, page 7

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