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Sibling Saturday - Seck Siblings - August & August

August Seck was the first child of my Nikolai Seck and Marie Tedder. He was born in 1869 (June 10), the same year as they got married. He was born in Kopu in Estonia and his relationship to me, great grand uncle. Unfortunatly I haven't found his birth record.

August died in 1872 (April 7) only two months before his third birthday. At the time, Nikolai and Marie lived in Põltsamaa. Marie was pregnant with Therese Emile Marie Seck who was born only a couple of weeks after August had passed away. Below is a part of the death record (in German) of August.

Death of August Seck. Record is availaiable on-line at Saaga

It is weird sometimes when you look at your family tree and a familysheet and see a family with perhaps seven children. It is easy to get the idea that was how the family looked like but for example in this case, none of the other Seck-siblings ever met thier older brother. He was born and dead before any of the others was born. That is the advantage with putting it all into a time perspective, like making a timeline (I like timelines A LOT!)

After August had died, Nikolai two daughters, Therese Emile Marie as I mentioned above and Ida who was born in 1874. In 1877 (April 11) they had another son. He was born in Rouge and his name was August Ludwig.

August Ludwig Seck birth, Rouge, April 11 in 1877.

What else do I know about August Ludwig Seck? Well, according to information from my relatives, he died in 1925. Was he married, did he have a family? I don't know.


Seck may have different spellings in different sources and documents like Seek, Sek, Seeck.

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