Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, Part 1, daughter Karna

Looking at my familytree the other day I was a bit annoyed missing information about Sven Peter Richards children in his marriage with Kjerstin Nilsdotter. I have put my focus on Nils Svensson Richard (1828 - 1913) my 3rd great grandfather and his children who emigrated to the US.

Now I have spent a couple of days and I think it is time to share some of the results.

Family of Karna

First child, Karna Svensdotter Rickard, born July 14 1825 in Kviinge. She Married Nils Olsson (1821 - 1877) and so far I have found six children.

Hjärsås AI:3 (1876-1885) page 102

Kjersti Nilsdotter, born in Hjärsås, January 19 1855
Bengta Nilsdotter, born in Hjärsås, January 10 1857
Nils Nilsson, born in Hjärsås, June 4 1859
Ola Nilsson, later Ola Nilsson Rosengren, born in Hjärsås, March 26 1864
Anders Nilsson, born in Hjärsås, August 24 1865
Anna Nilsdotter, born in Härsås,  February 1869

Nils Olsson died on April 15 1877 in Hjärsås. He died from smallpox.

Hjärsås FI:1 (1877-1894) page 2

Karna died October 29 in 1887 from TBC.

Hjärsås FI:1 (1877-1894) page 68

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