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Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 5a, son Sven

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I haven't been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past I'm trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his fifth child, son Sven, in the marriage with Kjersti. I have decided to make a part 5a and b about Sven. Part 5a is about Sven in Sweden, b will be posted another day and will be about a Sven in the US that might be "my Sven" but since I am not certain I want to keep them apart.

Sven Svensson Rickard was born in Kviinge on December 15 in 1836.

Sven birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 339

Sven and his family lives in Kviinge, nr 15, Torp 5.

Torp 5 Kviinge AI:5 page 66
In 1846, the year when Sven is turning 10 years old, he, his father Sven Peter, mother Kjersti and brother Gustaf moves to Vinslöv. The distance between Kviinge and Vinslöv is about 15 kilometers.

A = Kviinge, B = Vinslöv
When Sven is 16, in 1852, he moves to Färlöv. He lives at Bjärlöv nr 10, and work as a farmhand. Living at the same place is also his half-sister Gunnild Svensdotter and her husband Bengt Jönsson. Sven stays at Bjärlöv for a year, until 1853.

Sven at nr 10 Bjäröv in Färlöv:  Färlöv AI:9 page 126

From Färlöv, Sven moves to Hjärsås. Unfortunatly there was a fire in Hjärsås in the end of 1800 which destroyed 200 years of church books. This could have been the end of the story about Sven, but I was quite lucky.

A = Kviinge,  B = Vinslöv, C = Färlöv, D = Hjärsås

Since Sven only stayed for a year in Färlöv I took a chance he only stayed for a year in Hjärsås as well.. and I was lucky. In the moving-book, year 1854, he is moving from Axeltorp, together with a whole lot of other people to the US.

Sven emigrating to the US: Hjärsås B:1 page 75
So, 18 years old, in 1854, he leaves Sweden and moves to the US. When I first found out about his brother Gustaf emigrating in 1867 I thought that was early. But Sven is by far the earliest emigrant related to me I have found so far. That is so cool, fun and exciting!

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