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Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 4, son Gustaf

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I havent been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past Im trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his forth child, son Gustaf, in the marriage with Kjersti.

Gustaf was born in Kviinge, August 21 in 1833.

Gustaf birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 313

Gustaf, his older siblings and parents Kviinge AI:4 page 54

In 1846, Sven Peter, wife Kersti, Gustaf and his younger brother Sven moved to Vinslöv. In 1850, Gustafs older brother, Nils moved to Vinslöv as well and they seems to have lived close to eachother.
Then when Gustaf was 19 (in 1852) he joined the army. When joining the army he got a new surename, Holmberg.

He moved to Ingnaberga parish where he lived in his (problably) little soldierhouse, called Gulastorp 2. He was a soldier between 1852 and 1867.

Gustaf decided to emigrate and he went to America in 1867, 34 years old.

Husar Gustaf R Holmberg Vankiva B:3 page 127
I think "my" Gustaf is the one found in Dayton, Iowa in the 1900 census. Everything seems to match, except his birthyear (1834 in census instead of 1833). He is married to a woman called Ida, she is also from Sweden and they got married in 1868. He is a cobbler.

Gustaf and Ida: Year: 1900; Census Place: Dayton, Webster, Iowa; Roll: 465; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 0172; FHL microfilm: 1240465.

 Ida and Gustaf are found in the 1910 census as well, living at the same place. In 1920 census Ida is a widow.

At find a grave there is a couple that seems to be Ida and Gustaf. In that case, Gustaf died in 1910 and Ida in 1922. They are buried at Dayton Cemetery, Webster County, Iowa.

Gust Holmberg (1833 - 1910) - Find A Grave Memorial
Ida Holmberg (1849 - 1922) - Find A Grave Memorial

That is what I have found out about Gustaf Svensson Rickard AKA Gustaf R Holmberg AKA Gust Holmberg. Perhaps in time, it will show that Im wrong.. or that Im right. For now, Im 98% sure that Im right,

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