Sunday, January 6, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 3, daughter Anna

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I havent been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past Im trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his third child, daughter Anna, in the marriage with Kjesti.

The third child of Sven Peter and Kjersti was the daughter Anna. She was born in Kviinge, on August 20 in 1830.

Anna birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 291
Anna in houseexamineroll with a line over her name. She died only a couple of weeks after her first birthday.

The family in the houseexamineroll: Kviinge AI:3 page sid 24

 From the deathbook. It says Anna died from Augustifeber (augustfever). I noticed the priest wrote Anna Petersdotter when I would think it would be Anna Svensdotter. He also left out the name Sven and it says her fathers name was Peter Rickard.
Anna death: Kviinge CI:3 page 291

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