Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past - Great grandparents Berlin

My great grandparents, Nils Anton Berlin and Hanna Persson.

Nils Anton Berlin and Hanna Persson.
Photographer Herman Piil, Hässleholm

Nils Anton Berlin: Born December 6, 1888, Farstorp
Parents: Jöns Torkelsson Berlin and Else Månsdotter

Hanna Persson: Born September 12, 1881, Farstorp.
Parents: Born out of wedlock. Mother: Karna Nilsdotter Rickard, father Unknown.

Married: February 17, 1912

Nils and Hanna.

Hanna died February 24, 1958 and Nils May 12, 1976.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Alice Charlotte Seck

Alice Charlotte Seck was my great grand aunt. She was the sixth child of Nikolai Seck and Marie Tedder. She was born December 28, 1883 in Rouge, Estonia. Birth record in the birth book below is in German.

Birth Alice Charlotte Seck
Saaga at
I have a picture of Alice Charlotte when she was young. I think she looks beautiful.

My great grand aunt - Alice Charlotte Seck

Out of the three sisters Seck (Alice, Ida and Therese), Alice was the only one who got married. She married Rudolf Kampus. Rudolf or Rudi as it says in his birth record was born Mars 20, 1882 in Voru, Estonia. His parents was Adam and Marie (Luus) Kampus.

Alice and Rudolf got married in 1906. Their record in the marriage book is in Russian. I like how they have crossed out the preprinted 189 in the headline and replaced it with 1900. Often they did write the names in latin fonts was well, but not always. So this is an example of the Seek variation spelling of Seck.

Marriage 1906, Rudolph Kampus and Alice Charlotte Seck
Saaga at

As far as I know, Alice and Rudolf had five children, Hilda Ellinor (1883-1979), Erika Erna (1908-1908), Robert (1909-1930), Karl Eugen (1914-?), Adolf (1918-1920).

Alice died in Tallinn in 1922, according to information I have got from my relatives. I think Rudolf died in 1926 and I think he is buried at Siselinna cemetery in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Seck Siblings - Karl Johan Edmund

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Boys on horses

Two boys and two horses in front of a house. From an album that belonged to my great grandparents who lived in Farstop (Skåne, Sweden). I don't know who those boys are or where the picture was taken.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Sailor Edvard Meijer, drowned in the Atlantic Ocean

A while I go I was at the old cemetery in Helsingborg (Sweden) uploading photos to Walking around I often wonder about the people and about thier lives. Many of them passed away more that 100 years ago. Today I picked sailor Edvard Meijers' tombstone. Edvard August Ferdinand Meijer was born in Helsingborg (Sweden) July 30 in 1857. His father was brewer F A Meijer and his mother Carolina Marie Rolfes.

Sjömannen Edvard Meijer * 30/7 1857 + på Atlanten 29/7 1881

The tombstone says Sailor Edvard Meijer, born July 30 1857. Dead on the Atlantic Ocean July 27 1881. He died (drowed) one day before his 24th birthday. I tried to  find out more by searching some old newspaper to see if I could find out what happened but no luck this time.

Below is from the birth book. Edvards father, died in 1860. In 1861 Carolina remarried with a man called Johan Fredrik Granlund. He died only four years later, in 1865.

From the birth book.  Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) CI:9 page 527
(AID: v107209.b266.s527, NAD: SE/LLA/13171)

Edvard had a couple of siblings (those are the ones I have found):

  • Agda Mathilda A, born October 19, 1851 in Halmstad
  • Christina Constantina H, born August 26, 1855 in Halmstad
  • Sigfrid Stefan Frithiof, born May 30, 1860, in Helsingborg,died in Christmas Eve (Dec 24), 1861
  • Carl Johan Fredrik, born December 12, 1861 in Helsingborg

Looking through the deathbook I didnt find any record of him in July. Instead he is one of the last posts in 1881.

From the death book. Helsingborgs stadsförsamling (Maria) FI:7 1875-1887
(AID: v107238.b207, NAD: SE/LLA/13171)

Edvard and his family is not related to me.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Anna Nelson in Minnesota

For a long time I tried to trace my greatgrandmothers siblings Anna, Elna, Andrew and Nels who emigrated to the US. After many, many hours of searching I found them in Minnesota. This was also the time I first came in contact with Minnesota Historical Society. I was in for a surprise when I got the death certificate of Anna in the mail.  It said she died from fracture ribs, perforation lungs and chock.

Anna Nelson Death Certificate

Later when I got intouch with decentants of Anna I found out she had been kicked by a horse.

During the whole time I had been trying to search online newspapers to find information about what had happend to Anna. She was married to Jens Nelson. No matter how I tried I could not find anything.

Well, eventually I did find a small notice about Anna. The reason it took so long for me to find it was that I didn't consider the possibility for the newspaper to mix up her name. So, instead of Mrs. Jens Nelson they printed Mrs. Nels Jenson.

The Princeton Union September 28 1905, page 7

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Seck Siblings - August & August

August Seck was the first child of my Nikolai Seck and Marie Tedder. He was born in 1869 (June 10), the same year as they got married. He was born in Kopu in Estonia and his relationship to me, great grand uncle. Unfortunatly I haven't found his birth record.

August died in 1872 (April 7) only two months before his third birthday. At the time, Nikolai and Marie lived in Põltsamaa. Marie was pregnant with Therese Emile Marie Seck who was born only a couple of weeks after August had passed away. Below is a part of the death record (in German) of August.

Death of August Seck. Record is availaiable on-line at Saaga

It is weird sometimes when you look at your family tree and a familysheet and see a family with perhaps seven children. It is easy to get the idea that was how the family looked like but for example in this case, none of the other Seck-siblings ever met thier older brother. He was born and dead before any of the others was born. That is the advantage with putting it all into a time perspective, like making a timeline (I like timelines A LOT!)

After August had died, Nikolai two daughters, Therese Emile Marie as I mentioned above and Ida who was born in 1874. In 1877 (April 11) they had another son. He was born in Rouge and his name was August Ludwig.

August Ludwig Seck birth, Rouge, April 11 in 1877.

What else do I know about August Ludwig Seck? Well, according to information from my relatives, he died in 1925. Was he married, did he have a family? I don't know.


Seck may have different spellings in different sources and documents like Seek, Sek, Seeck.

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Seck Siblings - Karl Johan Edmund

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Unknown girl, Massachusetts

This photo with a cute girl is from a photo album I bought couple a years ago. Since the album is in Sweden she probably have relatives in Sweden. The photo is taken at A Sandberg on 287 Main Street, Everett, Massachusetts.

Unknown Girl -  A Sandberg, 287 Main Street, Everett, Massachusetts

I have an earlier blog post of another photo from the same album:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Seck siblings - Johann Karl Edmund

I have written about my great-great grandfather Nikolai Seck in an earlier blogpost, Nikolai Seck where are you?. As far as I know he had seven children, four sons (August, August Ludwig, Johann Karl Edmund, Nikolai Eduard) and three daughters (Therese Emile Marie, Ida, Alice Charlotte). I am trying to find out as much as possible about them.

Lets start with Johann Karl Edmund Seck. He was born, July 7 1879. Birthplace, Rouge, Vorumaa in Estonia.

This record is found at Saaga at

Headlines in the birthbook are in German
This book is in German. As you can see, the name is spelled Seeck. Sometimes you see that spelling, othertimes it is Seck (as my great-grandfather spelled it). There is also a Sek, Sekk and Seek spelling version.

A couple of other things to notice in this record. First of all, I am unable to understand what is written infront of the name of Nicolai. I guess it would be his occupation.

Then, there is the surname of Nicolai that is Seeck. But before that it says Alexander which would be the name of Nicolais' father. So far, so good, but under Alexander it is written "oder Nicolai's". So, does that mean that his fathers name was either Alexander or Nicolai?

Alexander Seeck is father.. oder Nicolai?
Then is the word griech, which means Greek in German and would mean that Nicolai belongs to the Greek Orthodox faith.

Below we have Mari, born Tedder, mother of Johann Karl Edmund. She is a Lutheran, it is written luth after her name.

A list of three names, I guess they were the sponsors at the christening. I have trouble reading what it says.


1) ? ? Johannes ?
2) ? Edmund Reichard
3) Maria Thalberg, ?

I haven't found anymore records specific of Johann Karl Edmund, but I have found him with his family in a couple of other records.

From Saaga at
Here we have Nicolai Seeck (fathername is Alexander). What "gan. Ahrens" under his names means I have no clue. Far to the left there is something written as well. Can't make it out except for Schloss something. Birth and christening dates for the children August Ludwig, Johann Karl Edmund and Alice Charlotte.

Further to the right there is a column with this headline and this is what is commented on August, Johann and Alice, in that order.

In the last column I think it says "Ab und wann er (sie) die Gemeinde verlassen, oder als Slied derselben gestorben" which I guess means when he / she left / moved or died.

So, trying to read what is says, "alle drei kinder ab nach Helme mit ?? ?? ?? 1 August 1890 no 400" which would be "all three children moved to Helme with ?? ?? ?? August 1 1890 no 400".

I think it corresponds with this document. You have the date, the number 400 and moving from Rouge to Helme.

From Saaga at

What happened do Johann Karl Edmund Seck, my great-grand uncle? According to information I have got from relatives he married a woman called Katja Onni, they had a son and Johann Karl Edmund Seck died in 1923.

Quick fact sheet : Johann Karl Edmund Seck

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Workday Wednesday

My grandfather, to the left, Erik Berlin. He was born in 1912 so I guess the picture is taken in the late 1920s. Probably in Gothenburg (Sweden) area.

Erik Berlin to the left

Monday, July 1, 2013

Motivation Monday - My goals for July

I had four genealogy goals for June:

1) Register remaining headstones for Kropp Cemetery at

2) Write minimum two blogposts a week, at least one about my Verno-line and one about my Seck-line.

3) Order a DNA test.

4) Order muster rolls for Andrew Richardson from the Wisconsin Veteran Museum.
Not done.

So, July, here are my genealogy goals:

  1. Order muster rolls for Andrew Richardson from the Wisconsin Veteran Museum. (15 minutes)
  2. Do the DNA test. (15 minutes)
  3. Write minimum three blogposts a week. (+ research about 20 hours work).
  4. Spend at least 5 hours to organize my digital documents.
  5. Register headstones at Fleninge Cemetery at





Unidentified. Probably in Farstorp area, south of Sweden