Monday, January 28, 2013

Mystery Monday : Where did Sissa Jönsdotter go?

Sissa was the youngest sister of my greatgrandfather Bengt Jönsson. She was born in Kyrkhult on August 27 in 1873. She was child number 10 of Jöns Bengtsson and Inga Persdotter. Four of her siblings were already dead when she was born, and only 22 days before her birth her father Jöns died on August 5th.

Sissa birth: Kyrkhult CI:1 page 162

In 1893 she goes to Malmö and according to the houseexamineroll. In the movingbook it says she is heading to Malmö Petri, and so is another Sissa Jönsdotter from the same place on the same day, May 5.

In the movingbook it says Sissa has returned to Slagesnäs or it might also be that she returned her movingpapers on November 6 in 1893. In 1895 she is listed at the end of the book of people who has left without permission.

Kyrkhult AI:3 page 570

Sissa & Sissa moving out May 5 1893: Kyrkhult B:1 Page 176

Sissa moving back Nov 6 1893 : Kyrkhult B:1 Page 176

From that point, I cant find her.

I have looked and done all kind of searches on:

  • 1900 Swedish Census CD - no match
  • 1901 - 2007 Swedish Deathbook CD - no match
  • Emibas CD - no match
  • Buried in Sweden 2 CD - no match

So, where did she go? Some of her sisters went working in both Germany and Denmark for a couple of years, maybe she went there as well? Or maybe she went to the US, I dont know.

It would be nice to find her.

Treeview of Sissa, her siblings, parents and grandparents

Finally, two pictures of the house where Sissa grew up with her mother and my great grandfather in Slagesnäs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 5a, son Sven

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I haven't been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past I'm trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his fifth child, son Sven, in the marriage with Kjersti. I have decided to make a part 5a and b about Sven. Part 5a is about Sven in Sweden, b will be posted another day and will be about a Sven in the US that might be "my Sven" but since I am not certain I want to keep them apart.

Sven Svensson Rickard was born in Kviinge on December 15 in 1836.

Sven birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 339

Sven and his family lives in Kviinge, nr 15, Torp 5.

Torp 5 Kviinge AI:5 page 66
In 1846, the year when Sven is turning 10 years old, he, his father Sven Peter, mother Kjersti and brother Gustaf moves to Vinslöv. The distance between Kviinge and Vinslöv is about 15 kilometers.

A = Kviinge, B = Vinslöv
When Sven is 16, in 1852, he moves to Färlöv. He lives at Bjärlöv nr 10, and work as a farmhand. Living at the same place is also his half-sister Gunnild Svensdotter and her husband Bengt Jönsson. Sven stays at Bjärlöv for a year, until 1853.

Sven at nr 10 Bjäröv in Färlöv:  Färlöv AI:9 page 126

From Färlöv, Sven moves to Hjärsås. Unfortunatly there was a fire in Hjärsås in the end of 1800 which destroyed 200 years of church books. This could have been the end of the story about Sven, but I was quite lucky.

A = Kviinge,  B = Vinslöv, C = Färlöv, D = Hjärsås

Since Sven only stayed for a year in Färlöv I took a chance he only stayed for a year in Hjärsås as well.. and I was lucky. In the moving-book, year 1854, he is moving from Axeltorp, together with a whole lot of other people to the US.

Sven emigrating to the US: Hjärsås B:1 page 75
So, 18 years old, in 1854, he leaves Sweden and moves to the US. When I first found out about his brother Gustaf emigrating in 1867 I thought that was early. But Sven is by far the earliest emigrant related to me I have found so far. That is so cool, fun and exciting!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 4, son Gustaf

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I havent been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past Im trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his forth child, son Gustaf, in the marriage with Kjersti.

Gustaf was born in Kviinge, August 21 in 1833.

Gustaf birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 313

Gustaf, his older siblings and parents Kviinge AI:4 page 54

In 1846, Sven Peter, wife Kersti, Gustaf and his younger brother Sven moved to Vinslöv. In 1850, Gustafs older brother, Nils moved to Vinslöv as well and they seems to have lived close to eachother.
Then when Gustaf was 19 (in 1852) he joined the army. When joining the army he got a new surename, Holmberg.

He moved to Ingnaberga parish where he lived in his (problably) little soldierhouse, called Gulastorp 2. He was a soldier between 1852 and 1867.

Gustaf decided to emigrate and he went to America in 1867, 34 years old.

Husar Gustaf R Holmberg Vankiva B:3 page 127
I think "my" Gustaf is the one found in Dayton, Iowa in the 1900 census. Everything seems to match, except his birthyear (1834 in census instead of 1833). He is married to a woman called Ida, she is also from Sweden and they got married in 1868. He is a cobbler.

Gustaf and Ida: Year: 1900; Census Place: Dayton, Webster, Iowa; Roll: 465; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 0172; FHL microfilm: 1240465.

 Ida and Gustaf are found in the 1910 census as well, living at the same place. In 1920 census Ida is a widow.

At find a grave there is a couple that seems to be Ida and Gustaf. In that case, Gustaf died in 1910 and Ida in 1922. They are buried at Dayton Cemetery, Webster County, Iowa.

Gust Holmberg (1833 - 1910) - Find A Grave Memorial
Ida Holmberg (1849 - 1922) - Find A Grave Memorial

That is what I have found out about Gustaf Svensson Rickard AKA Gustaf R Holmberg AKA Gust Holmberg. Perhaps in time, it will show that Im wrong.. or that Im right. For now, Im 98% sure that Im right,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 3, daughter Anna

Sven Peter Rickard was my 4th great grandfather. He is a brickwall backwards, I havent been able to find his birth and parents. He seemed to be an interesting person (lookes like he was married four times and he had an interesting occupation, husar/soldier). So meanwhile trying to find out about his past Im trying to find out as much as possible about his descendants. This is about his third child, daughter Anna, in the marriage with Kjesti.

The third child of Sven Peter and Kjersti was the daughter Anna. She was born in Kviinge, on August 20 in 1830.

Anna birth: Kviinge CI:3 page 291
Anna in houseexamineroll with a line over her name. She died only a couple of weeks after her first birthday.

The family in the houseexamineroll: Kviinge AI:3 page sid 24

 From the deathbook. It says Anna died from Augustifeber (augustfever). I noticed the priest wrote Anna Petersdotter when I would think it would be Anna Svensdotter. He also left out the name Sven and it says her fathers name was Peter Rickard.
Anna death: Kviinge CI:3 page 291

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, part 2, son Nils

Second child of Sven Peter Rickard and Kjerstin Nilsdotter was my 3rd great grandfather Nils Svensson Rickard. He was a shoemaker and lived most of his life in Vinslöv (Sven Peter Richard also moved to Vinslöv later on).

Family of my third great grandfather Nils Svensson Rickard

Nils Svensson Rickard was born in Kviinge on May 8 in 1828. December 12 he married his first wife (my 3rd great grandmother) Elna Holmgren, born Septemer 27 in Vanneberga.

They had five children:

1) Anna Nilsdotter Rickard AKA Anna Richardson and Anna Nelson born March 23 1853. She and her husband, Jöns Nilsson AKA Jens Nelson emigrated to the US. Jens in 1887 and Anna in 1888. First they went to Wisconsin but they ended up in Minnesota. Anna died in 1905 from injuried she got when kicked by a horse. Jens remarried and he died in 1930. They had five children together. Jens had two children with his new wife.

Anna and her two oldest sons on the passenger list

2) Karna Nilsdotter Rickard, AKA Karna Persson born October 6 1855. Karna was my 2nd great grandmother. Karna had four children, Hanna, Marie, Jöns Anton and Per, all born out of wedlock. I have never found any wedding certificate but she lived with and worked for Per Persson. Karna died January 10 in 1919 from the Spanish flue. Only three days before her son Per died from Spanish Flue as well.

From Farstop, Karna, Per and Per

3) Anders Nilsson Rickard Holmer AKA Andrew Richardson born 26 Jan 1858 in Vinslöv. Andrew is very special to me. He was the first person I foumd related to me who emigrated. In 1882 he emigrated to the USA and his destination was Webster City. He later came to Wisconsin, he was in the Spanish-American war and then in 1920 he lived in Minnesota. He was found dead in his house in August 1928. Andrew never got married.

Andrew Richardson

4) Nils Nilsson Rickard AKA Nels Richardson born February 23 1860 in Vinslöv. He also emigrated to the USA in 1882. He ended up in Minnesota as well and died in 1935. Nels never married.

1920 Census, Nels and Andrew Richardson

5) Elna Nilsdotter Rickard AKA Ellen Nelson born July 6 1862 in Vinslöv. Elna emigrated with her youngest daughter Elina Ceclia in 1891. Elna had another daugher Ellen who she left with Nils Svensson Rickard in Vinslöv. Ellen first married Johan Eriksson and after he died she married Nels Nelson. Ellen and Nels and children lived in Minnesota. Ellen died in 1950.

Elna in the birthbook Vinslöv CI:9 page 4

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Children of Sven Peter Rickard, Part 1, daughter Karna

Looking at my familytree the other day I was a bit annoyed missing information about Sven Peter Richards children in his marriage with Kjerstin Nilsdotter. I have put my focus on Nils Svensson Richard (1828 - 1913) my 3rd great grandfather and his children who emigrated to the US.

Now I have spent a couple of days and I think it is time to share some of the results.

Family of Karna

First child, Karna Svensdotter Rickard, born July 14 1825 in Kviinge. She Married Nils Olsson (1821 - 1877) and so far I have found six children.

Hjärsås AI:3 (1876-1885) page 102

Kjersti Nilsdotter, born in Hjärsås, January 19 1855
Bengta Nilsdotter, born in Hjärsås, January 10 1857
Nils Nilsson, born in Hjärsås, June 4 1859
Ola Nilsson, later Ola Nilsson Rosengren, born in Hjärsås, March 26 1864
Anders Nilsson, born in Hjärsås, August 24 1865
Anna Nilsdotter, born in Härsås,  February 1869

Nils Olsson died on April 15 1877 in Hjärsås. He died from smallpox.

Hjärsås FI:1 (1877-1894) page 2

Karna died October 29 in 1887 from TBC.

Hjärsås FI:1 (1877-1894) page 68

Happy New Year

My 2012 genealogy and family history highlights:

February: Who Do You Think You Are Live in London. My first time in London. Had such a great time, a true genealogy bootcamp at genealogy heaven :).

August: A two day family reuninon on my grandfather Kvist line. First day, barbeque and hanging out, second day a visit at the cemetery and later a nice dinner. Met so many people I never met before, some of my fathers cousins and my second cousins. Great days and even the weather was nice! See what could happen when you start a familygroup on Facebook...

All year: My research and findings on Anders Nilsson Rickard Holmer AKA Andrew Richardson. He has been dead for more than 80 years and didn't have any family of his own but still I find small pieces here and there which amazes me. And as late as yesterday, New Years Eve, I made another discovery that so fits into his puzzle.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and thanks for all your nice comments and emails!