Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past - DIY Bracelet

I made a bracelet for my mother for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. I printed out photos of my second great grandmothers, Marie Tedder and Karna Nilsdotter Rickard, my great grandmothers Julia Verno and Hanna Persson and my grandmother Ludmila Seck. I glued them onto small photo framependants I found at my local craft store and then attached them to a leather bracelet.

It took some hours to make it, first to get the right proportion of the pictures, I did have to print them out a couple of times before I got them right. Then deciding the design of the bracelet and getting the pendants to stay in place. But I think it turned out quite nice in the end. And now I want a bracelet like that of my own.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Surname Saturday - Верно (Verno).

Greatgrandmother, Julia, was born on April 30 1887 in.. well, that part of the family is a bit tricky. The city is called Pskov (Псков) in Russian, in older Russian, Plskov, Pihkva in Estoian and Pleskau in German.

The most tricky part in the spelling of the surname. I have seen so many variations in different documents. My relatives seems to have preferred the spelling Verno but even if that happens to be the right one, it doesn't help much when searching since one have to search for all variations being sure not to miss anything. And lets not forget doing searches in Russian either.

The name doesn't seem to be all that common, but common enough for making me confused how all the Vernos I find with different spellings are related (if they are at all). It doesn't seem to be a name of Estonian origin and neither Russian.

When my greatgrandmother applied for Swedish citizenship this is how the form was filled out:

This document is an extract from the houseexaminerolls and the name is spelled Vörmö, but under the name there is a question mark.

At there are indexed documents of Births and Baptism in Russia. In this document regarding Paul, brother of Julia, his name is spelled Worno.

Valdemar Verno, another brother of Julia, called Valodja by the family, was into theatre in Tallinn. Here is a photo he has signed with beautiful, Russian handwriting, using the spelling Верно - Verno. 

His headstone in Tallin has the same spelling. - Verno.

Greatgrandmothers sister Sofie is on this document called Werno.

Same sister at funeral records of San Franscisco, her fathers name is spelled Verno.

So, anyone out there with more information about the Verno surname, please let me know.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - Old photo album

I love old photos and every now and then I buy photos or albums when the show up in my way. My ambition is always to scan them and upload them to photo databases like Porträttfynd and such, hoping someone will know who it is on the picture. Anyhow, there isn't always enough time so meanwhile I publish some of them on my blog.

This is an album I bought a couple of years ago. Most of the photos are from the north-west area of Skåne, like Helsingborg, Råå, Åstorp and Landskrona and a couple of them are from the US (Chicago and Massachusetts).

Unknown couple - Photographer J H Hagman Helsingborg / Cimbrishamn (Simrishamn)

The album

The photo below is one of the few hints to who the owner of this album was. The man in the picture is cousin Olson and it is from Chicago.

One of the photos are from Chicago and it is one of the few that has a name on
the back: cousin Olson

Nilson - Memory from Olson

I just love this photo, that could have been on any Facebookstatus and it has been published before on this blog (

Photo by H P Hafström - Skromberga