Sunday, July 10, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 2

Day 2, July 9, of my 31-day genealogy challenge turned out really nice.

I started out listening to the episode #112 of Genealogy Gems podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke. It was about a genealogy kid camp. I wish there had been a genealogy kid camp when I was 10 years old. I remember I was interested back then and perhaps if I had been given a few guidelines I would have written down the stories my grandmother Lilly, grandaunt-and uncle Elsa and Darles and all the other older relatives told me. And asked more! Anyways, if your not already listening to Lisas' show, you need to check it out! Go to iTunes and do a search on Genealogy, it will show up and by now you will have lots of hours of interesting listening to do!

We also did a trip to Höganäs for a visit at Kullabygdens Genealogy Society (Kullabydgdens Släktforskare). They are open during the weekend for the public to come visiting and ask questions.
Open House!

Id been thinking of going to Höganäs anyhow at some point, looking at the cemetery so it fitted real fine. I have line of persons in my tree named Fridolf (from my greatgrandfather and back) and some of them moved to Höganäs. At the society I found some obituarys that they had in thier archive. Nice, right?

Augusta Fridolf, sister of my greatgrandfather Otto Fridolf

Elsy Fridolf, married to the son,
Johan Harald Fridolf of
Augusta and Fritz Leopold Fridolf.
 And its a typo on her birthdate,
she was born on February 11 (11/2 instead of 11/12)

After that, trip to the cemetery which I ofcourse first of all when getting there added to Billiongraves is a nice site, quite new, where you can search for headstones and cemetaries uploaded quick and easy with apps for both iPhone and Android. Love it! Stones get geotagged and you see them nicely on a map.

Höganäs Kyrkogård is now found at

So. Found the family grave of Gustaf Fridolf. He was my greatgrandfather Ottos uncle.

Gustav Fridolf Familygrave
Buried here are:
Gustav Fridolf
his wife Elinda (or Elida) Jönsson
thier daughter
Hulda Eufrosyne Fridolf

I would say, yesterday was a really nice day and within only a few hours I had a lot of genealogy done.

Day 2 challenge completed:
*Listening to Genealogy Gems podcast hosting Lisa Louise Cooke
*Visiting Kullabygdens Släktforskare and finding my relatives obituarys in thier archive
*Adding Höganäs kyrkogård (cemetery) to
*Finding my relatives headstone at Högnäs Kyrkogård (cemetery)

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