Thursday, July 14, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 6

Day 6. The other day I noticed that my iPhone hadnt syncronised so the newly downloaded genealogy podcasts were only on my computer. I also dicoverd that Ive been behind in listening.. I blame my work, too much to those weeks before the vacation I guess ;).

Anyway, since I have the great Genealogy Gems iphone app I could listen to the latest episode, streaming. Great. Im always amazed about how many conferences and interesting things going on in US when it comes to genealogy. When I started my research a few years ago I became member in five or six genealogy societies. Couple of years later I wasnt a member anywhere and now Ive decided to try them out again. I find it a little sad that often when the different archives arranges some kind of event its in the early afternoons at 3 pm. Whats with that? Ok, enough whining!

So, challenge: I created a family tree at with my findings of Anders Nilsson and the family on the picture from the day before. I was hoping to find some matching trees but no luck.

Anders Nilsson in Bubbarp family tree on ancestry

On the other hand, I found a passengerlist which told me that Bengtas husband Axel Persson went to the US in 1912 to visit a friend. At times I really love those small hint leaves. I had no reason to look for any passengerlists since I already knew that Axel died in Sweden but instead ancestry did it in the background and told me.

Axel Persson on SS Lustiana sailing from Liverpool
April 27 arriving in New York May 2 in 1912
Day 6 completed:
* Started a new family tree at

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