Thursday, July 21, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 8 - 13

Been busy days and Ive not been around my computer much. Those are the times when Im happy about all the genealogy possibilities I have on my iPhone. So, even when Ive been busy having friends over for gardenparty and painting the house for days Ive been able to get a small, daily dose of genealogy whenever I had time for a short break.

Day 8.
Not to long ago I found a "new" second cousin of my mom. Cool. One would think we had them all under control but we didnt. I was going through hints on and a family tree with names I knew showed up and one to us unknown aunt of my grandfather. Anyhow, we got in touch and I got some information from her and I spent some time adding it into my genealogy database ( I use Reunion) inbetween cleaning the house, baking this wonderful chocolatefudge cake and spending time in the garden being nice to the potatoes, beans and other vegetables.

Day 9.
Ofcourse I overslept, was thinking Id get up early to bake bread and cinnamon buns. The bread and buns turned out quite good anyway and while they were in the oven I browsed Appstore for family history. Found an ebook called Family History Search - How to find family you never knew you had. Read the first two chapters. No news to me so far, but just having it on my phone to read whenever I have a minute is great. Like when you are waiting for people to arrive to a meeting, avoiding the commercicals on TV or standing in a looooong line at the store.

Day 10.
Love podcasts so day 10 I listend to the Family Tree Magazine podcast episode 37.

Day 11.
When I dont have the time to do any research one of my favorite things to do is checking out different genealogy message boards. One of my favorite, a Swedish one, is Nice discussions and helpful people. Couple of years ago, at the genealogy conferance that is held once a year, some of us met at a restaurant and had a really nice dinner with a lot of genealogy talk. Its fun meeting people you "know" from the net IRL.
Also watched Who Do You Think You Are, Tim McGraw episode. Compared to the other episodes I think it was a bit boring. Ofcourse it was amazing about the diary but besides from that..

Day 12.
Swedish radio makes an excellent genealogy radio show called Släktband. All episodes are available on-line, streaming in an app or downloadable. Did I already write how much I love to be able to do so much with my phone when not having the time to start up my computer? ;)

Day 13.
So, been painting the house for days and now we are done and it starts to feel like vacation again. Spent a couple of hours doing lookups on my 1880 Swedish Census CD adding the information in Reunion.

Day 8 - 13 completed!

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