Friday, July 15, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 7

One week and Ive done at least one genealogy related thing everyday and its been different things everyday. Day 7 I uploaded the findings I did on Sunday to the Fridolf / Liljedahl family group I created on Facebook in 2009. Facebook is such a great place to keep intouch with relatives. When my grandmother Lilly was alive I usually met my cousins, aunts and uncles when it was her birthday and sometimes at Christmas. Her place was the natural meeting place. Now its easy to be friends at Facebook but also easy to create a familygroup. I like to keep groups open, makes it easier to find if someone is looking but it could ofcourse be an invite-only group as well.

So, twenty years later Im meeting with my relatives at Facebook, keeping updated what that are up to, looking at the pics they upload and reading whats going on in thier daily life. And what else, Ive found "new" second cousins though Facebook living in the same town, other living all over Sweden and Australia,  third and four cousins in Canada and USA. Love Facebook for the easy way to keep intouch.

I also got an invite to try out Google+ so I signed up there and are checking it out.

Day 7 completed:
* Uploaded findings to the Fridolf / Liljedahl familygroup at Facebook.

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