Monday, July 11, 2011

31-day genealogy challenge - Day 3

July 10, day 3 of my genealogy challenge.

In 2007 I listend to Thord Bylund when he was visiting Helsingborg and talked about how to find a father when listed as father unknown. It was very interesting and entertaining. Thord is a great storyteller. Enough for me to order the book Thords Tankar (Thoughts of Thord). So yesterday I found a nice place in the shade in the garden and finally started to read the book thats been in my bookshelf for four years. I came about one third into it and Ive read about moving the archives in Stockholm from different places into one spot, a lot about the north of Sweden and interesting facts about regional differences in surnames.

Day 3 challenge completed:
*Reading Thords Tankar.

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