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Anna Lindholm from Kropp, Sweden, emigrates in 1893 to USA

One of my favorite records on Ancestry is the US Passport Applications. You can get a lot of information about a person looking at those records. Birthdate and birthplace, if the person is an immigrant you can find the year of immigration, what ship they came on, how long they have been a US citizen. Color of eyes and hair. A description of the nose, the mouth and chin. Length. And if you are lucky, there is a photo.

Just for fun, I did a search on people born in Kropp, Sweden and I came up with a couple of matches. I picked one of them, Anna Lindholm, born in Kropp January 26 in 1858. In 1919 she has been in the US for 26 years, she and her husband lives in Webster, Wisconsin and she is a house keeper. She is going to Sweden to visit relatives.

She is 61 years old and she got blue eyes.

Anna was born in 1858, so I looked into the house exam roll for 1858 - 1860 from Kropp. There she is at Holk nr 4. Her father was Per Svensson, b 1829 and her mother Elna Andersdotter born in 1833. In this book she has three siblings, two older brothers, Nils born in 1854 and Sven born in 1856. She also had a little sister, Hanna, born 1859 but she died in 1860.

Anna with parents and siblings 1858 - 1860
Kropp AII 13 1858 - 1860 page 60

A couple of years later, in 1871 - 1875, the family has grown, now it is Per and Elna, the children Nils, Sven Anna, Anders (b 1861), Petronella (b 1863), Hanna (b 1865), Jöns (b 1867), Johannes (b 1870), Peter (b 1872) and Gustaf (b 1874).

Anna and her family in 1871 - 1875
Kropp AI:16 1871 - 1875 page 92
 According to the passport Anna emigrated in 1893. I did a lookup at the database Emibas and it says she, her husband Nils Lindholm, a preacher and thier son, Carl Oskar Emanuel Nilsson Lindholm emigrated to the US from Hybo, Ljusdal. For some reason I cant find them in the Ljusdal churckbook, but I found Carl Oskar Emanuel in the birthbook, with the note of unbaptized..

Carl Oskar Emanuel with his parents and the note "odöpt" (unbaptized)
Ljusdal CI:9 page 167

Looking into the US census of 1910 I find the family in Meenon township, Burnett, Wisconsin: N A Lindholm, with wife Annie and son Chas O E all from Sweden, immigrated in 1893. Then there is a daughter Ruth A (age 16) born in South Dakota, a son Joseph P (age 14) born in Minnesota, a son Enoch G (age 13) born in Iowa and a daughter Annie E (age 11) born in Minnesota.

US Census 1910, Meenon, Burnett, Wisconsin

Below is a picture of the church in Kropp.

Church in Kropp

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