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Tombstone Tuesday - Carl Svensson Palm 1871 - 1896

This stone caught my eye first of all because it was really close to a tree. Then when looking at it, Carl Svensson Palm died quite young, only 24 years old, making me wonder what happen to him.

Carl Svensson Palm, buried in Ängelholm

This is what I found out: Carl was born i Munka Ljungby on August 1st in 1871. His father was Sven Svensson and his mother was Ingar Olsdotter. They had been married for 15 years and Carl was thier sixth child.

Carl Svensson birth: Munka Ljungby CI:4 page 134
When looking at the family, who lives in Skillinge, in the house exam rolls it is sad to see the remark miserably poor next to thier names.

Carl with his parents and siblings. They are miserably poor.
Munka Ljunby AI:21 1871 - 1875
In 1882, Carls father Sven dies. Carl, his mother and his sister Hilda moves to Skillinge Donationshus which is a poorhouse.

Carl, his mother Ingar and his sister Hilda at
Skillinge Donationshus, a house for the poor
Munka Ljungby AI:27 page 470
In 1892, Carl has joined the cavalry and moves to Össjö. Four years later, in 1896 he dies from tuberculosis in Ängelholm on March 3rd. He is buried in Ängelholm on March 5.

Carl Svensson Palm Death Össjö FI:2

He died from tuberculosis in Ängelholm when he also was buried

A small note in the newpaper Norra Skåne about the death of Carl Svensson Palm.

Norra Skåne March 7 1896
Carl Svensson Palm is not related to me but his tombstone caught my eye. Looking at the church records it seems he had a tough life, miserably poor growing up, his father died early and then he died so young from TBC.

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