Monday, February 4, 2013

Military Monday - Jöns Torkelsson Berlin

Jöns Torkelsson Berlin was my greatgreatgrandfather. He was born on February 11, 1850 in Farstorp. His parents were Torkel Görtz and Kersti Nilsdotter. In 1868, August 29, he joined the cavalry, 18 years old.

Part of the document where Jöns signs up for the cavalry in 1868.

March 5, 1886 he married Else Månsdotter. They got married in Vinslöv where Else was born. Else then moved to Farstorp and the lived at Luhr 4. They had four children, Emma Christina (b March 2 1887), Nils Anton (b December 6 1888 (my great-grandfather), Anna (b December 24 1890) and Emil Anton (b February 28 in 1893). Else died when Emil Anton was only 25 days old. She was 31 years young.

When Jöns joined the cavalry, he got the soldier name Berlin. He was at Livskvadtonen, Kunliga Skånska Husarregementet. He stayed with the cavalry until September 21 in 1900 when he retired, 50 years old. He had been in the cavalry for 32 years. He got graded "excellent well"

Jöns Berlin, retiredocument from 1900
This is a picture that belonged to my greatgrandfather. It is possible that Jöns Berlin is one of the people in the picture. Ljungbyhed is where they had thier training.

Jöns Torkelsson Berlin, my greatgreatgrandfather
might be on this picture.

Jöns died April 5 in 1929, in Farstorp.

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