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Tombstone Tuesday - Elsa Andersson, first female pilot in Sweden

Elsa Andersson Photodate: March 14 2010

Elsa Andersson was the first female pilot in Sweden. She was born 1897 in Strövelstorp parish. Her birthplace is quite close to where I live and grew up and that ofcourse has made her and her life interesting.

Elsa Andersson Photodate: March 14 2010

She is buried at the Strövelstorp Cemetery.

Elsa was born April 24 in 1897. Her parents were Nils Edvard Andersson and Alma Gustava Svensson.

Stövelstorp CI:9

Below is a picture form the household book covering the years 1898 - 1906. During this time there was also three deaths in the family.

Strövelstorp AIIa:1 (1898-1906) page 271 

  • Brother Nils Valdemad (born February 5 1900) dies February 8, 1900
  • Sister Thyra Linnéa (born April 28, 1901) dies  March 26, 1903
  • Mother Alma Gustava dies on December 18, 1903

In the household  book covering 1921 - 1930 in the column for occupation it is noted "flygare" which would translate aviatior.

Strövelstorp Alla:5 page 188

Now Elsa wanted to do more than being a pilot. She wanted to do parachute jumps. She went to Germany and got educated.

On her third jump, February 22 in 1922 she jumped to her death. Between 3000 to 4000 spectators had come to watch. Her parachute didnt expand until she was too close to the ground. She died outside of Askersund. The article below says her head was cruched and both legs broken and that the probably died immediately. The article also said she was 22 years old but as she was born 1897 she was 25 when she died.

Dalpilen February 24 1922

In the death book its written, aeroplane accident, unsuccessful parachute jump.

Strövelstorp FI:1

Photos I took myself. Pictures from birth, household and death book is from ArkivDigital, Article is from Dalpilen.


  1. A tragic and yet inspiring story. Elsa died doing what she loved. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, a sad story for such an adventurous woman.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)