Sunday, February 3, 2013

Church Record Sunday - list of idiots and more

At times when browsing the Swedish church books you run into people where there is a little note, like deaf, blind or idiot.

The first relative of mine I found with such a note was my grandmothers aunt, Hilma Charlotta Hansdotter. She was born in 1875 and due to a disease she turned deaf. So, in the house exam roll of Tving, 1876 - 1888, after her name the priest have noted deaf numb.

Himla Charlotta came to the deaf numb school in Lund where she got an education. She married Ernst Victor Samuelsson, who also was deaf. Hilma Charlotta died in 1913 from tuberculosis.

Hilma Charlotta, deafnumb Tving AI:31 1876-1884 page 457

Now, there is more than just those little notes in the margin. Complete lists with for example what was at the time called idiots. This is a list of idiots in Mörrum, 1920 - 1937.

Idiots Mörrum 1920 - 1937
Below is a list of Churchboard members of Kropp in 1915 - 1926.

Churchboard members Kropp 1915 - 1926
Other lists that might be found could be children in foster care, mentally ill people and people with from a foreign country to name a few.

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