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Thriller Thursday - Killed by her father July 15 1860

Sunday July 15 1860, in Västra Sallerup:

Hans Lindqvist, a former soldier, picks up his daughter Pernilla from her cradle. Pernilla is one year old and two months. Hans puts her in his lap. He then takes out a razor, cuts her throat and kills her.

A small notice in the newspaper Folkets Röst on July 25 in 1860 describes the murder:

From Folkets Röst July 25 1860

Hans Lindqvist is taken to the prison in Malmö. In the archives pictures of prisoners can be found. This is a picture of Hans Lindqvist.

Malmö Länsfängelse DIII.:1
I found this at ArkivDigital

In the household book of Västra Sallerup covering 1860 I found the family at Sallerup number 3.

Västra Sallerup AI:11 page 19

Far to the right, on the first line it says "Killed his child on July 15 1860". On the line of Pernilla it says "Killed by her father July 15 1860".

Västra Sallerup AI:11 page 19

In the death book of Västra Sallerup I find Pernilla on page 223. Here it also says cause of death: killed by her father.

Västra Sallerup CI:4 page 223
What happens to the family, I dont know. In the household rolls of Västra Sallerup it says the family, at that time, Hans, wife Karna and two sons, Anders and Bengt are moving to a place I think look like Bosarp.

Västra Sallerup AI:11 page 19
They are also in the moving book of Västra Sallerup, moving out.

Moving out. Västra Sallerup B:4 page 11

I have been looking for the family but no luck yet. The last information I have is from the moving book but I hope I will find them at some point and then I'll post an update.

I am not related to any of the persons in this blogpost. I was browsing ArkivDigital when I found the picture of Hans Lindqvist in prison and I wanted to know more about him and his family.

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