Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas at School - 13 December 2014 Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Christmas at school. Well, I guess in Sweden at most schools St Lucia is celebrated. Since it is Lucia today, December 13, it was celebrated in schools yesterday.

Me with the folded hands wearing my Luicacrown in 1977

When I was a kid there was a vote who would be Lucia. One year I and one of my best friends got exactly the same number of votes. We were both pretty short, I had long dark hair and she had short, quite blonde hair. Then our teacher said she always imagined Lucia as tall and blonde so she decided that another friend would be Lucia. I still remember how disappointed I was.

I read in the newspapers the other day now it is ok if a boy wants to be Lucia as well.

Anyhow, Lucia is a nice tradition. Also when I was a kid I and my friends would put on our Luciacrowns and white dress and go out and visit neighbors singing and reading Christmaspoems.

This Youtube video - Swedish Lucia for Dummies explains it quite well.

During December 2014 I will blog inspired by the blog prompts of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories at

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I have also joined #blogg24, a blogchallenge to post a blogpost everyday started by Fredrik Pallin from December 1st until December 24.

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